The Magical Third

So this happened today… Neighbor Boy and I have been talking about finding a third (male or female) or a couple to add to our fun. We literally just joined Feeld today, but hours before I even got our profile up and running, I got a random message from some guy I don’t know on kik.

Only a few messages later, I found out he lives in Chicago, he’s bi, and some of his kinks so I couldn’t resist to ask if he’d be down for a threesome with Neighbor Boy and I.

And just like that, I magically found a third. Not only that, but I might have some fun on the side with Kik Boy. We will see what happens when I meet him. And of course, I will fill you in on all the dirty details.

Something about me screams sex apparently because I have sex falling from the sky.

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus

“Let the Threesome Begin”

I got my period the day after Neighbor Boy and I fucked. Being over a week late, it came with a vengeance and I was miserable for the next few days. On my worst period days, a good orgasm is sometimes necessary to help ease the cramps. I got my vibe out pretty regularly that period. A few days in, Neighbor Boy hit me up asking when we were gonna fuck again and I explained that I was all cramps on on my period.





I tried to message Neighbor Boy later that night, get a quick fuck in. I kind of had a feeling he wasn’t into period sex based off our earlier messages, but thought it was worth a try being that he is super convenient. I messaged him just before midnight asking if he was still awake. His response was that he was with another girl but I should come down with my ropes and give them some pointers, watch, maybe join in.


First of all, I was on my period and he knew that. I was not looking to have a threesome while I was on my period. Second, really? I’m not one to just come and watch. If I wanted to watch people fucking and not be involved, I’d watch porn. Third, I’m not in this convenient fuck buddy thing to coach him and his other sexcapades. Epic fail on his part… but I guess it’s every guy’s dream to be fucking one girl and have another girl magically appear. He treats sex and his sexual desires almost like scenes from a porno, wanting everything to come easy.

INTRODUCTION to Fake Porn as told by me through my perspective on Neighbor Boy:

Boy has girl in bed. They are fucking. Mid fuck, boy gets text from sexy upstairs neighbor girl. The lightbulb goes off in his head, and he tells girl he’s currently fucking, dick still inside her, “I’ve got a great idea, my upstairs neighbor just asked if I’m awake, let’s turn the heat up and make this a threesome.”

Girl bats her eyes and perks her chest as he continues to fuck her, “Oh my god! Yes!”

They roll over, Girl now on top riding Boy so Boy can message upstairs neighbor girl back, “Come down and join me and this other girl I’m already fucking.”

Upstairs girl, “Oh yea, that would be so fucking hot!”

Upstairs girl magically appears knocking at his bedroom door seconds later in nothing but a robe. Neighbor Boy opens the door. He bites his lip, nods, and upstairs girl walks in the room, drops her robe, and goes straight into making out with other girl.

Neighbor Boy looks at both girls as they make out and touch each other’s breasts and says, “Let the threesome begin!”



I’m pretty sure a lot of guys have these fantasies, but I feel like there are better ways to approach them. For me, I’m interested in a threesome, but I feel like I would like to meet all parties outside of the bedroom first, grab a drink or two, then hit the sheets. Maybe that’s just me. But, I also have a feeling I’m not alone in the random invite to join a guy while he’s already fucking someone else.

Is there a right way to start a threesome?

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus


Threesome? A tale of two dicks…

So during my brief time on OKC, I met a dude (Dick #1) that was super hot and I was totally down for something casual, so I gave him my number. Once we got texting, he proceeded to ask about my sex history, and then asked if I have ever had a threesome. I haven’t, and it is something I really am interested in, so I told him I would be open to it. He quickly jumped in saying that we should have a threesome eventually. Eventually is the key word.

Well that eventually, to me, insinuated that we would meet first, probably fuck, and then discuss a threesome at a later date. No. At least that’s not what that meant to him. He texted his friend and told him about me. I went along with it because frankly, both guys were cute, so why not?

Dick #1 gave Dick #2 my phone number… Wtf dude?

Dick #1 gave Dick #2 my number without my permission. I still continued to text both of them, but to my understanding still, I was going to meet Dick #1 first before meeting Dick #2. So over a few days, both of them texted me, and I was honest with both of them and answered every question they asked. I enjoy talking about sex and have nothing to hide.

Well Dick #2 kept asking questions like “What is the wildest thing you’ve done?” I told him about when I met Tampa Boy (Red Flags Equal Fun) and he even asked for the full story. I didn’t have time to really text out the dirty details, so I sent him a link to my blog. At this point, I really didn’t care if they were aware of my blog, they’re both down to fuck and have a threesome, I’m sure the blog wouldn’t phase them. At least that’s what I thought…

Dick #2 got upset that I wanted to meet Dick #1 first. Boo fucking hoo.

We texted all weekend, and then today Dick #2 asked to arrange a time to meet me. I was honest, and told him I had to meet Dick #1 first because he is who I chose to meet from OKC, and Dick #2 is just a third in the mix. Dick #2 got pissed, but at this point, he should have just been ok with it, after all, I haven’t met Dick #1 yet.

As soon as Dick #2 got pissed, Dick #1 texted me to tell me I’m pathetic because they are basically attached at the hip or something. You can read the whole conversation below…

Dick #1 called me pathetic. Priceless. Really, I couldn’t stop laughing.

Now I’ve come to three different conclusions:

  1. Dick #1 was really just trying to get Dick #2 laid and neither really wanted to have a threesome.
  2. Dick #2 has two phone numbers, set up a fake OKC account for Dick #1 with some hot ass photos to lure chicks in and then was texting as Dick #1 to get himself laid.
  3. Dicks #1 and #2 both got too into my blog and saw my post (Incredulous OKCupid Douche) from yesterday, now they think I’m “flakey” so they both decided to pull out of the threesome.

Either way, lesson, don’t agree to a threesome with someone you haven’t met in person yet. Also, I should really stop sharing my blog with guys I plan on fucking. Lastly, there’s some fucked up people out there, you might be getting catfished, be careful ladies.

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus

P.S. I’m sorry to those who come to read about my real life encounters, these douchebags from OKC needed a story of their own apparently. I promise, there are several encounters in the works that I’m writing from the past couple weeks, I just need to finish them and edit.