The Boys I Encounter – The Book?


To all my fellow bloggers and lovely followers, would you read The Boys I Encounter––the book? Are there any posts that you found most intriguing? Any that you would omit? If you have any advice or insight that may help, it would be much appreciated.

I have always thought that when I could afford to put more time into The Boys I Encounter, I would like to turn it into a book, but I also have been dealing with a lot of personal issues since the beginning of 2017 and the dust is finally starting to settle (Fingers crossed).

I have about 71,000 words written for my blog which is basically enough to write a novel… That being said, for the people who have followed my blog from the start, obviously there would be a lot of rewriting to better intersect everything into a complete ongoing story and I would also need to fill in the gaps and finish what has remained unwritten. However, sharing my story to a larger audience would be beneficial, not just to myself, but also to young women starting to explore sex and to survivors of sexual abuse.

Now––as tension about sexual assault and the #MeToo movement is stronger than ever due to the Kavanaugh accusations––I have been reflecting on my experiences and traumas. The book will follow me through my childhood curiosities, teenage hormones, a more thorough explanation of the sexually and emotionally abusive relationships I’ve endured, the aftermath of rediscovering myself, navigating casual sex post abuse, and how all the boys I encountered helped reshape how I interpret healthy sexual and romantic relationships.

If you’re reading this and you’re in an abusive relationship, know that it is never too late to escape. I know from personal experience that it may seem impossible, it may seem that you are trapped, it may seem like there is a silver lining that never comes; I’ve lived it. There is no reason for someone to hold such power over you. You are your own person. Take control of your life and remove yourself from the situation before it gets worse.

You are strong enough to walk away.

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus


12 thoughts on “The Boys I Encounter – The Book?

  1. “If you’re reading this and you’re in an abusive relationship, know that it is never too late to escape.” Thank you for writing this… it maybe impossible to leave but the freedom you will feel will allow you to overcome any challenge you thought by staying could fix.

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    1. You’re welcome. Thanks for reading and the kind comment. I’m just over four years out of my second abusive relationship; at first I was lost, but as you stated, the freedom has allowed me to overcome the challenges that haunted me in my past relationships.


      1. Thank you. The relationship I’m in now, the one I briefly mentioned in a post last year, is the most amazing, loving, healthy relationship anyone could ask for. I’m still coping with past abuse, but my current boyfriend has been patient, understanding, and caring the whole way through. It’s the type of relationship that I used to think wasn’t possible— one where both people get to be strong and independent within the partnership, one that is built with trust and honesty, one free from jealousy and compromises, one full of love and support. But it is possible, this is what a relationship should be.

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  2. My advice to you is to think clearly about your narrative – what is your own unique story, what do you offer that is different, and how does it all tie together into a coherent whole? I am a professional writer and editor, and initially I started my blog as a basis to connect with likeminded people (readers), on the way to finding a publisher for my (as then) manuscript. What I’ve realised on the 1-year journey so far is that writing a blog is vastly different from writing a book. I still want my stories and my voice as Eve to be published in book form as the reading experience is so different, plus it’s more nuanced, complete and contemplative. Blog pieces still tell stories but are often more ephemeral or in dating/relationships blogging, like diary entries. In longer form, this approach doesn’t work. I suggest you sketch out a narrative shape and journey of your book, and trial it with some unbiased ‘new’ readers to start your journey to seeing your blog in a different format – that of a book with a beginning, a middle and an end; conflict and resolution, characters and a plot. If you’re willing to share, I’m happy to be a test reader for mutual support. You can contact me at Good luck!

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    1. Thank you so much! I will definitely take you up on your offer. Yes, all things I’ve been thinking about as I begin. Although I will keep some of the stories I’ve told in my blog (to be revised for the book), I really think a lot of my story is untold. My original intent when I started my blog was to tell both past and present, but I wasn’t in the right place emotionally to write the pieces I needed most. Now, I feel like there’s been enough time to be in a better position to write the missing memories. I’ve started to draft an outline and have been reading all the blog posts I’ve written to examine what is important to the memoir and what can be eliminated. Once I have some chapters drafted, I’d love some extra eyes on them. Thanks again! I will shoot you an email. Also, if there’s anything you’re working on now that may need some attention from a new reader, I would be happy to check it out. ❤️

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