The not so perfect triangle…

A week or so after my birthday marathon, my Triangle Piercing was killing me. It got so bad over the next few days that I couldn’t sleep, leaving me tossing and turning and absolutely frustrated. This was not normal piercing pain. I’ve already had my triangle beyond the ten week healing time. It shouldn’t be this painful.


Looking at the entry and exit holes of the piercing, there were no signs of infection. No swelling, redness, or secretions. It was just painful. I took my hand mirror to my vulva and examined the piercing more carefully. It was tearing in the middle of my piercing and it was excruciating.

I took some photos and emailed Elayne Angel of The Piercing Bible. She told me she couldn’t officially say whether the piercing was pierced incorrectly or not via e-mail. In theory, it could be what she calls a biangle piercing, which means that it couldn’t be safely pierced any higher and as a result, the bar could potentially be visible either right when the piercing is done, or over time as the skin dissipates.

I told her I was still confused because I was able to lift and feel behind my clit up higher than where I was pierced. This, plus the triangle (or biangle) was too far from my clit to even stimulate it. She reiterated that she couldn’t confirm if the placement was truly correct or not via e-mail, she then added that if I felt the piercing wasn’t healing well or working for me, I should retire it. I already had an appointment with her for a second higher triangle piercing, now it would just be a single triangle and not a double. (Although a double triangle piercing was never my original intentions)

Being that the pain has gotten to the point that I could barely sleep, taking the piercing out was the only option in my eyes. I went to my piercer, nearly in tears, I told him the piercing was splitting and I wanted it removed. I also mentioned I’d have it re-pierced by Elayne because he has told me before that he wouldn’t re-pierce it because it would be in the exact same spot because it was the most perfect triangle he has ever done. He told me to take off my pants and lay on the piercing bed. Once I laid down, he didn’t even examine the piercing to see where it was splitting, he just removed it, hardly saying anything, then told me to continue to clean it and I could put Neosporin on it to prevent it from scarring.

I left upset. Upset that I went through all the pain of being pierced. Upset about the pain of healing for 10+ weeks. Upset that the piercing split and resulted in excruciating pain. Upset that I had to remove it. Upset that he didn’t examine it.  Upset that he didn’t listen to me when I said time and time again that I didn’t think it was right. Upset that me being in pain didn’t make him think twice. Upset that he still insisted it was perfect.

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus

12 thoughts on “The not so perfect triangle…

      1. Ok. Didn’t sound very pleasant at all. I had to have my scrotum stitched some years ago after an accident. Still probably easier to go through than trying to communicate with some people how I feel. Hope you’re ok now anyway. Hope the rest of the week goes well for you

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      2. Was a while ago for me too. Wasn’t a great thrill. Still was probably a better day at the office than some of those having to sit in meetings listening to some dickheads. At least I have my balls.

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    1. It was… and over a year after that piercing I’m still dealing with issues from this piercing and have had to go back to this guy multiple times due to my piercer lives in Mexico and this is a pretty rare piercing.

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  1. Hello, I enjoyed reading your blog very much. Now that time has passed, would you recommend the triangle piercing. Has it enhanced your sexual experience?

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    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy my blog. As for the triangle piercing, personally, it’s been subpar. I was expecting a lot more, but everyone’s body is different and you may have a better experience than me. If you do decide you want to get it done, I highly recommend checking out Elayne Angel’s website,

      She is the genital piercing guru and she has a list of recommended piercers.


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