The not so perfect triangle…

A week or so after my birthday marathon, my Triangle Piercing was killing me. It got so bad over the next few days that I couldn’t sleep, leaving me tossing and turning and absolutely frustrated. This was not normal piercing pain. I’ve already had my triangle beyond the ten week healing time. It shouldn’t be this painful.


Looking at the entry and exit holes of the piercing, there were no signs of infection. No swelling, redness, or secretions. It was just painful. I took my hand mirror to my vulva and examined the piercing more carefully. It was tearing in the middle of my piercing and it was excruciating.

I took some photos and emailed Elayne Angel of The Piercing Bible. She told me she couldn’t officially say whether the piercing was pierced incorrectly or not via e-mail. In theory, it could be what she calls a biangle piercing, which means that it couldn’t be safely pierced any higher and as a result, the bar could potentially be visible either right when the piercing is done, or over time as the skin dissipates.

I told her I was still confused because I was able to lift and feel behind my clit up higher than where I was pierced. This, plus the triangle (or biangle) was too far from my clit to even stimulate it. She reiterated that she couldn’t confirm if the placement was truly correct or not via e-mail, she then added that if I felt the piercing wasn’t healing well or working for me, I should retire it. I already had an appointment with her for a second higher triangle piercing, now it would just be a single triangle and not a double. (Although a double triangle piercing was never my original intentions)

Being that the pain has gotten to the point that I could barely sleep, taking the piercing out was the only option in my eyes. I went to my piercer, nearly in tears, I told him the piercing was splitting and I wanted it removed. I also mentioned I’d have it re-pierced by Elayne because he has told me before that he wouldn’t re-pierce it because it would be in the exact same spot because it was the most perfect triangle he has ever done. He told me to take off my pants and lay on the piercing bed. Once I laid down, he didn’t even examine the piercing to see where it was splitting, he just removed it, hardly saying anything, then told me to continue to clean it and I could put Neosporin on it to prevent it from scarring.

I left upset. Upset that I went through all the pain of being pierced. Upset about the pain of healing for 10+ weeks. Upset that the piercing split and resulted in excruciating pain. Upset that I had to remove it. Upset that he didn’t examine it.  Upset that he didn’t listen to me when I said time and time again that I didn’t think it was right. Upset that me being in pain didn’t make him think twice. Upset that he still insisted it was perfect.

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus

Birthday Sex Marathon: Days 4 & 5

Friday, December 9, 2016-Saturday, December 10, 2016

Happy birthday to me!

I woke up to texts, Facebook posts, messages, and calls from various friends and family to wish me a happy birthday. I also got a text from The Chef, a voice message from The Australian, and then a message from Neighbor Boy

Neighbor Boy and I hashed out how insensitive he was the night before.
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 8.58.35 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-28 at 8.58.53 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-28 at 8.59.49 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-28 at 9.00.40 PM

I don’t remember the comment that he made the night before? But regardless, he obviously wasn’t making shit better by telling me that my emotional breakdown was weirder than his comment.

After hashing it out, we made plans for that evening. His roommate’s birthday is a few days before mine, so his birthday party happened to be that night, which worked well for me. Double the party, one that night with roommates and neighbors plus their friends, then the next night was me and my friends. With this, I told Neighbor Boy I’d be home at 9pm and we could fuck before the party started at 10pm.

When I got home, I messaged him. He was failing….

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 8.49.37 PM.png

I was getting frustrated and he wasn’t delivering birthday sex as promised. Shortly after “That’s not my fault” he walked into my room. It was on.

We made out. I was still naked from my shower. He undressed quickly, continued to kiss me, then kissed down my body. There wasn’t much time till the party, so we kept it quick. As we finished, I told him he still owes me more birthday sex. He got dressed and headed down. I told him I’d be down shortly. After he left my room, I got dressed, took a selfie on snapchat to send The Australian my “Birthday Marathon day 4…” snap.

Once I was done getting ready, I made my way down to the party with a few of my roommates. I received hugs and happy birthdays from neighbors and friends as I arrived. Soon enough, drinks were poured, bowls were smoked, and games were played. Neighbor Boy and I hung out at the party as if we didn’t just fuck, and all went on.

That’s the thing about fuck buddies; there’s fucking when you’re behind closed doors, then there’s the way you interact in the real world. Neighbor Boy and I had a way of talking shit to each other when out of the bedroom. He’d say some sarcastic ass remark to me, and I would dish it back. The only way it was made known that we probably fucked is he’d walk by and grab my ass while we played pool. Other than that, there was no kissing, no physical contact, no real flirtation.

As the night progressed, I was getting a bit tipsy and my phone kept buzzing. It was The Australian. He was sending snap after snap and even a few messages on WhatsApp. I caved and started to message back and sent him some snaps. Had I been sober, I would have refrained. But the alcohol got the best of me and I enjoyed talking to him.

This caught Neighbor Boy’s attention. He came over to me and told me to put my phone away. I told him it’s my birthday and I could do whatever the fuck I wanted. He then insisted we played pool. I was just the right level of drunk to kick his ass. My claim for pool is that I have to be drunk. Too sober or too wasted I fail, but slightly drunk, I’m wonderful. As I kicked his ass, my brother texted that he was there and to meet him out front.

My brother and his friend came in and went straight to the pool table. I introduced him to Neighbor Boy. Shit was a little awkward, but the night went on. The four of us played doubles. Several rounds later it was nearing 4am. I was exhausted. I knew Neighbor Boy was drained. The party was dying. It was the four of us and maybe a few other people. My brother kept insisting another round. I finally had to tell him I was about to go up to my room and pass out. They left. Finally.

I went upstairs, Neighbor Boy stayed behind but said he’d meet me upstairs once he finished his cigarette and brushed his teeth. I messaged him when I got to my bed to tell him I was passing out but my door would be left unlocked. He came up and we fell asleep.

I woke up to Neighbor Boy pushing his morning wood against my ass. I rolled over and we got straight to business. It was fine, but I stopped him not long after we started. My triangle piercing was killing me. I couldn’t keep fucking, it was unbearable.

He left frustrated. I brushed it off and went on with my day. He messaged me later…

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 10.03.27 PM.png

My birthday marathon came to a wrap. I came a handful of times. Got tied up. Played with toys. All the oral sex. Semi-successful anal sex. Had an emotional breakdown. The actual birthday sex quicky. Morning after birthday piercing pain. There were ups and downs, but I was satisfied overall.

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus