Ummmm…. Fuck no!

The afternoon after my 3 Boys, 24 Hours marathon, I woke up to a voice message on Whatsapp from The Australian; he made it home. Soon after, I started to get snaps of him bragging about being on the beach with his brother and cousin. We snapped for a while then started to text on Whatsapp. His first day back and he is staying consistent, keeping to his promise. I set my expectations low for him; I liked him, but with him going back to Australia for three months, I assumed we would lose touch. We shall see though, it was still early.

The next day, Neighbor Boy messaged me asking about my dates, not only generally, but he asked all sorts of questions on them sexually. I told him he was weird for wanting to know. He told me it was to help build trust in our fwb relationship and would make him more competitive. So I started to elaborate, then it sparked an idea; I decided to tell him about my blog.

I rarely tell guys I’m interested in or fucking about my blog. The couple that I’ve told before Neighbor Boy all freaked out and lost interest pretty soon after they found out about my blog. They were perfectly fine knowing I was fucking other dudes, but as soon as they found out that I write about it and that they would be written about, they distanced themselves, so because of this effect, telling boys about my blog became a huge no-no.

With Neighbor Boy, I had a feeling it would be something he’d enjoy, he was asking about my conquests already, so why not have him read all the dirty details as I post them here? And I was right, he was totally accepting of my blog which was a huge relief; I didn’t want to lose my convenient fuck buddy over telling him about my writing.

Shortly after I told him about the blog, he had an hour to kill, so he came up and had a drink with me, my friend Jackie, and a few roommates. We got talking about some upcoming parties we had planned, he then asked if he could bring other girls up to our parties.

“Ummmm…. Fuck no!” I quickly reacted, “Why the fuck would you think it’s ok to bring another chick into my apartment?”


We argued about this for several minutes in front of everyone. He couldn’t get it through his thick skull that even though there’s large parties at my apartment, that didn’t make it a public place, it was still my home and not a place to invite your other chicks. Period.

He pulled me aside to continue to talk and he apologized, I got so frustrated I even started to tear up. Why was I tearing up? He was an ass, yes, and just a fuck buddy. He was simply pushing the boundaries, but he went too far when he continued to argue with me about it trying to say he saw nothing wrong with bringing other chicks to parties at my place.

As he apologized, he tried to kiss me. I pushed him away, “You, the guy who doesn’t like kissing because it’s too intimate, you of all people should not try to kiss me to make things better in an apology, that is some bullshit.”

I’m not letting him win. He fucked up and he was failing at recovering. He left. I was still frustrated as fuck, but the next day he messaged and we talked it out. I know we were just friends with benefits, but I still think that was a very bold move on his part to think it would be ok to bring up a chick and then continue to argue with me as if he didn’t see what the issue I had was with it.

Maybe I overreacted. Maybe I shouldn’t have cared about the other chicks he would have brought to our parties. What do you think? Where would you draw the line? What rules do you have for fwb relationships?

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus

21 thoughts on “Ummmm…. Fuck no!

  1. Um, fuck no! As a guy I wouldn’t bring another girl to an event like that… Or any event. When it comes to FWB’s it’s always better (in my mind) to keep the other partners out of sight (and hopefully out of mind). I don’t blame you at all, I would freak out too it I was in your shoes or if a girl asked to invite another guy to my place. It instantly puts us in unnecessary competition.

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    1. THANK YOU! I’m glad I’m not crazy! He kept insisting it shouldn’t be a big issue because theres upwards of 100+ people at some of our parties and I kept reminding him that it is my apartment first and foremost and that it doesn’t matter how many people are there, it’s still my home and he would be bringing another chick into my home. He pushed that issue for some time even after we resolved the fight. Some boys will never learn.

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      1. Nope, definitely not crazy… It’s almost the same as being invited to a party where your FWB has some of their other FWB’s there, no fucking thanks haha. I can’t believe “no” wasn’t initially good enough for him. Hopefully he gets it now.

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      2. He got it. He definitely brought it up time to time, but more in a light joking manner. He’s definitely had many ups and downs throughout our relationship.


      1. Not in your house. Your space. Typical male follower. I had to go to boys school with them and be locked up with them. They don’t survive. Always need a woman to clean up after them

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      2. They probably love drama. Kind of blokes who dodge drafts and get rich as a result. Never stood for anything in their lives. Any drunks I put on my couch have a week to start showing change

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      3. For sure. That’s why I don’t do drama or people addicted to it. My routine is boring and Spartan. Only downside is I get people talking to me like I am 25 when I am 42. They can get quite on their high horse insisting I am younger and couldn’t have much experience.
        Usually I find it easier if I headbutt a wall before talking with some people. Cheaper than booze or drugs and also gets me on their level temporarily

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      4. Definitely.. with injuries etc… over the years. Meditation helps. Standard routine daily. Boring but after some of the things I have lived through boring is serenity and peace.
        5am here. About to get up. Payday too… that definitely helps 😸

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