Neighbor Boy…

What happens when there’s a new hot downstairs neighbor? Well, you flirt a little here and there and then one night, he drunkenly tells you he thinks you’re sexy and wants to take you out. Then what? I will fill you in on all the dirty details, but let’s back up to when it all started.

Neighbor Boy moved in the floor below me early this summer. I actually never met him though until July. It took his roommate’s dog escaping and wandering up into my apartment. Someone walked into my place during a party, and left the door open, the dog followed shortly after. As the dog walked by me, I grabbed his collar, and made my way downstairs. I recognized that the dog belonged to Neighbor Boy’s apartment because I’ve seen Mike from their apartment walking him before.


When I got downstairs, the door was wide open. I walked the dog in and saw several guys I didn’t recognize chilling in the living room, so I asked, “Is Mike or anyone that lives here around?”

Neighbor Boy quickly jumped up and introduced himself, “I live here.”

“Ok, well your dog came up to my place just now, I’m returning him.”

Neighbor Boy thanked me. He then walked me to the door and we continued to flirt in the doorway a bit. After a couple minutes of chatting, I told him that him and his friends should come by the party for a bit. He accepted and said he would round up everyone and be up shortly.

I went back upstairs and told my friend Jackie about the new neighbor and how he is pretty much my type; handsome, fit, funny, not a total prick… what more could a girl want? When Neighbor Boy and his friends came up, Neighbor Boy came in and we flirted some, but I played it cool and told him to check out the bar and grab a drink.

At some point, one of Neighbor Boy’s friends came back to talk to Jackie and I. He kept telling us about Neighbor Boy, but in the most suburban white boy type of way by saying, “He’s cool. Have you ever had a black neighbor? He is the cool black neighbor but isn’t bad black if you know what I mean.”

Jackie and I were absolutely speechless. He then continued drunkenly, “I bet you don’t even have any black friends.”

We were appalled. That is when we shut him up and told him that this is Chicago, we know a lot more black people than he does (obviously) being that we went to school with, dated, are friends with, and work with numerous black people and that he should shut the fuck up while he’s ahead (not really ahead).

During this discussion, Neighbor Boy caught this happening and came up to apologize for his friend. As he apologized, I intervened his apology and said, “Don’t be sorry, if anything, I’m sorry for you. He’s kind of an asshole.”

Neighbor Boy laughed at this and agreed, “Yea, it really seems to come out when he’s drunk. I’ll get him out of your hair.” Soon enough, Neighbor Boy and his friends made their way back downstairs to be safely drunk away from the party.

That was the first time I met him and I could tell already that we could have some major chemistry, but being that he lives down stairs, I would have to proceed with caution.

More soon.

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus

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