Orgasm Dream

I have way too much to catch you up on. My schedule is finally opening up again so I will have way more posts over the next several weeks. Sorry to keep you hanging.

On that note, I just got a triangle piercing (piercing beneath/behind the clit) a little over two weeks ago. I will tell you more about that, but because of said piercing I have to be sexless for a bit to let it heal…

My body is so sexually deprived. I haven’t masturbated let alone had sex or anything in over two weeks. Before this, I generally have occasional sex dreams, but last night, my dreams skipped all the sex and went straight to orgasm (no one else involved and the dream didn’t even include toys or me masturbating, just straight to effortless orgasm dream). I had an orgasm dream because I’m so orgasm deprived.

My body is having orgasm withdrawals. I need to fix that.

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus

6 thoughts on “Orgasm Dream

    1. Yea, the triangle is pretty rare. I’ve never heard about it until I was reading up on other genital piercings I was considering getting.

      And agreed, I usually wake up before finishing in my dreams. That’s precisely why this dream was so weird. I don’t even know how I got to the orgasm, it just suddenly happened in my dream. I woke up right after climaxing, but was wet, sensitive, but not post orgasm sensitive. A friend of mine said maybe I came in my sleep, but I’m not sure if I did.

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