Neighbor Boy…

What happens when there’s a new hot downstairs neighbor? Well, you flirt a little here and there and then one night, he drunkenly tells you he thinks you’re sexy and wants to take you out. Then what? I will fill you in on all the dirty details, but let’s back up to when it all started.

Neighbor Boy moved in the floor below me early this summer. I actually never met him though until July. It took his roommate’s dog escaping and wandering up into my apartment. Someone walked into my place during a party, and left the door open, the dog followed shortly after. As the dog walked by me, I grabbed his collar, and made my way downstairs. I recognized that the dog belonged to Neighbor Boy’s apartment because I’ve seen Mike from their apartment walking him before.


When I got downstairs, the door was wide open. I walked the dog in and saw several guys I didn’t recognize chilling in the living room, so I asked, “Is Mike or anyone that lives here around?”

Neighbor Boy quickly jumped up and introduced himself, “I live here.”

“Ok, well your dog came up to my place just now, I’m returning him.”

Neighbor Boy thanked me. He then walked me to the door and we continued to flirt in the doorway a bit. After a couple minutes of chatting, I told him that him and his friends should come by the party for a bit. He accepted and said he would round up everyone and be up shortly.

I went back upstairs and told my friend Jackie about the new neighbor and how he is pretty much my type; handsome, fit, funny, not a total prick… what more could a girl want? When Neighbor Boy and his friends came up, Neighbor Boy came in and we flirted some, but I played it cool and told him to check out the bar and grab a drink.

At some point, one of Neighbor Boy’s friends came back to talk to Jackie and I. He kept telling us about Neighbor Boy, but in the most suburban white boy type of way by saying, “He’s cool. Have you ever had a black neighbor? He is the cool black neighbor but isn’t bad black if you know what I mean.”

Jackie and I were absolutely speechless. He then continued drunkenly, “I bet you don’t even have any black friends.”

We were appalled. That is when we shut him up and told him that this is Chicago, we know a lot more black people than he does (obviously) being that we went to school with, dated, are friends with, and work with numerous black people and that he should shut the fuck up while he’s ahead (not really ahead).

During this discussion, Neighbor Boy caught this happening and came up to apologize for his friend. As he apologized, I intervened his apology and said, “Don’t be sorry, if anything, I’m sorry for you. He’s kind of an asshole.”

Neighbor Boy laughed at this and agreed, “Yea, it really seems to come out when he’s drunk. I’ll get him out of your hair.” Soon enough, Neighbor Boy and his friends made their way back downstairs to be safely drunk away from the party.

That was the first time I met him and I could tell already that we could have some major chemistry, but being that he lives down stairs, I would have to proceed with caution.

More soon.

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus

Note to Self: Quit Bad Sex

Jay… Jay was a boy from Tinder. We matched back in July during my short stint back on the app. We had some good flirty banter on the app, he asked for my number, and we continued to text. He begged to meet me for a few weeks and when I finally agreed, he failed. The first time he tried to arrange to meet up with me, he claimed work was running late asking to meet at 11pm instead of 8pm so I canceled because I had to be up early the next day. The next time he tried to hang out, it was pouring out, so he then asked for a rain check, I agreed. Third time, supposedly a friend of his got in a car accident… Maybe it was true, but hard to tell when this is his third cancelation. I let it slide.

The day after his third cancelation, we finally met up. We went to a beercade and played some old school games. Beercades are my go-to for meeting guys if they fail at making plans. It means I get to play games instead of dragging out all the first date interview questions over drinks. It was fine. He was cute, confident, but a bit short and thin for my liking.


After the beercade, we took a walk. We talked some more and he stopped me mid sentence, turned, pulled me in and kissed me and said, “I’ve been wanting to do that all night.” He is that guy that will say all the things he thinks you want to hear so he can fuck you. I knew that’s what he was trying to do, it was pretty obvious just by the texts before even meeting him. It was a good kiss; it even turned me on a bit. Overall, his charm was turning me on, but I could tell he would only be a one night fuck and nothing more.

On our walk, we went to another bar for one more drink… at least that was the plan. The bar we ended up at was doing karaoke night. I’m not one for karaoke. I hate feeling like I’m being put on the spot, especially unprepared. Jay demanded we both do a song. I reluctantly agreed. He ended up doing a Backstreet Boys song, I did The Joker by Steve Miller Band. He did fine, I failed. It was fun seeing him up there, but I was miserable doing it even though he tried to be a good audience by being up front and center singing along with me.

Once we finished singing, we went back to our booth. I was relieved that part of the night was over. We laughed a bit and made fun of each other’s performances. There was a break in our laugher, Jay went in to kiss me and we began making out. A song or two went by and our kissing got heavier and he got more and more touchy. This was the moment to either end the night or go somewhere to fuck.

After some flirty discussion between the two of us arguing who’s place to go to, we agreed to go to mine being that it was closer. When we got to my place, we went to my bar. I made us each a drink, then we took them up to the roof. Hardly a sip in, we were back at it, making out. As he moved from my lips to my neck to kissing my cleavage, I let out a coy giggle and told him to slow down or at least let me finish my drink.

He stopped, and took a sip of his drink. He then asked me what turns me on. I got to the point and told him all my kinks; ropes, cuffs, restraints, biting, hair pulling, nipple torture, tease and denial… His jaw dropped. He insisted he could be everything I wanted in bed. He told me he would tie me up and eat me and fuck me hard. I let out a slight giggle, thinking to myself that he thinks he can, but I knew already that he wouldn’t be able to deliver what I want. It’s not too hard to tell what a guy is like in bed based off of what he says and the way he carries himself. I could tell Jay was all talk from the start, the guy that thinks he’s all that but probably can’t hold up to the game he talks.

Alas, although I was aware of what he was trying to do, I was bored and horny. If he thinks he can tie me up and eat me the way I want to be eaten, let the games begin. We finished our drinks and made it back down from the roof and to my bedroom. When we got to my room, we started off slow, making out on the edge of my bed. He’s a fine kisser. Nothing spectacular, but not sloppy. He got a little handsy, but it seemed as if he didn’t know what to do with his hands, just put them in places. His lack of dominance showed, so I took control. I got up, pushed him back on the bed, and then straddled him.

As things heated up, I took off his shirt, then took off my dress. I kissed down his neck, to his nipples, down his abs, and teased him just above his pants. I then got up, leaving him rock hard on my bed. I grabbed my rope, threw it at him, and told him to tie me up and eat me and fuck me hard like he said he would. He grabbed the rope, looked at me, looked at the rope, and seemed unsure of what to do.


I then directed him a little. To make it easy, I told him to just tie my hands together and then secure the rope to the bed frame. He took the direction, but stumbled the whole way. It was pretty obvious he never tied anyone up. After a few minutes of trying to figure out how to tie me up successfully, he finally got it. He then went straight into eating me. It’s hot when a guy eats me, yes, but part of the fun of being tied up is the tease and denial and losing that control of what’s to come.

As he ate me, he did alright with his tongue, but was very light with it. He had poor technique with his fingers. Like he would put them in and just keep them in one place instead of doing any type of come hither motion or swirling or even in and out. So basically he was a weak tongue with two dead fingers. Not good. I spoke up like I do and told him to use more pressure with his tongue and I thrusted my hips to help him understand the motion I need with his fingers. He kind of picked up on it, and was doing better for a minute, but then slowly drifted back to his light tongue and motionless fingers.

I got bored of his oral skills. The knots he tied weren’t all that tight, so I squirmed my hands out of the rope and took control yet again. I grabbed a condom, put it on his dick, and rode him. It only took the length of a song to finish. He came. I didn’t. I would usually keep things going either orally or getting him worked up again to fuck, but at this point, it wasn’t worth it. There was no way in hell Jay could get me off.

We both fell asleep and in the morning, when my alarm went off, I showered and left him in my bed. Once I got back to my room, he was sitting there already fully clothed. I walked him to the door, he told me he had a good time, I giggled and let him out. He tried to get ahold of me a few times since, but I just ignored him.

I don’t know why I put myself in these situations. I go on dates with guys and even once I already know that shit can’t go anywhere and that the guy isn’t going to deliver, I keep going along with it. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt or something. I want to see if they can fuck me well even if it’s just for one night. But it’s those guys, the guys that I know I will only fuck once before even fucking them, that end up being a waste of sex. I need to be better about turning down guys earlier in the night.

Note to self: quit bad sex, go home and take out my vibe; it always does a better job anyways.

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus

Orgasm Dream

I have way too much to catch you up on. My schedule is finally opening up again so I will have way more posts over the next several weeks. Sorry to keep you hanging.

On that note, I just got a triangle piercing (piercing beneath/behind the clit) a little over two weeks ago. I will tell you more about that, but because of said piercing I have to be sexless for a bit to let it heal…

My body is so sexually deprived. I haven’t masturbated let alone had sex or anything in over two weeks. Before this, I generally have occasional sex dreams, but last night, my dreams skipped all the sex and went straight to orgasm (no one else involved and the dream didn’t even include toys or me masturbating, just straight to effortless orgasm dream). I had an orgasm dream because I’m so orgasm deprived.

My body is having orgasm withdrawals. I need to fix that.

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus