Incredulous OKCupid Douche

I recently reopened my OKC account… it has already been deleted because of the surplus of guys who open with “DTF” and “I have a 5 inch penis” (yes, someone opened by telling me they have a 5 inch dick). This one guy in particular though, we’ll call him Incredulous OKC Douche, was on the edge of meeting me and he fucked up.

I am all for casual sex. I enjoy it. Once he got my number, he started texting obsessively trying to meet up with me and about how he loves watching a sexy white chick suck his dick and how he likes calling women “nasty bitch.” Some chicks like that, personally I don’t. As soon as he told me that, I stopped him and said it’s obvious that our sex styles are different so it probably wouldn’t work. He then told me I’m flakey and that I am all talk.

I couldn’t help but laugh. He is trying to neg me into fucking him by calling me flakey, that shit doesn’t work with me. I know what I want and what I like; he just doesn’t have it. Because he kept trying to push that I was all talk and no play, I sent him a link to my blog and told him to read for himself. I never do that, but he kept insisting that he knew I was fake. The incredulous douche still doesn’t believe me, so I’m posting this blog. So this post is dedicated to you, Mike NYC. Do you still think I’m fake? The proof is in the pudding, too bad you’ll never get mine.

Some details from our texting last night and today.

For dude’s out there, have class. Yes, you want to get fucked. Maybe the “DTF” and “Suck my dick” lines work for some chicks, but if you tried to be a bit more subtle and throw in some playful banter, a chick might respond better. You catch more flies with honey not vinegar. Have some fucking respect when you’re talking to a woman.

Oh you poor tactless boy, didn’t your mommy ever tell you if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus

11 thoughts on “Incredulous OKCupid Douche

    1. I might have to start a clothing line, I’ve got plenty of text conversations like this. These boys just keep texting me and don’t understand how to approach me in a manner that will actually make me want to meet up and possibly have sex with them.

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    1. Right??? That wasn’t the same guy, but some boys just don’t know how to try to get a woman to fuck them. Telling me that you have a 5″ dick definitely won’t get me intrigued enough to meet you.

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  1. All of this is so so true. Totally had the negging once I’m like “nah, I’m not into meeting you.” I mean, I’ve fucked plenty of guys on the first date, but not going to do it if i’m not feeling it. I loved how you handled it.

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    1. Thanks! What don’t they understand about being told no, we won’t work at all? And I guess I’m prude for not wanting to fuck him? Like you, I’ve fucked plenty of dudes on the first date, but that doesn’t mean I need to fuck every dude that tries.

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      1. I once called a guy out for negging and just said that negging wouldn’t work on me. He (probably honestly) responded with “well, it works on a lot of women.” So I do wonder if it works sometimes. Or maybe they just can’t contain their anger


      2. Oh geez. One guy who really had done nothing to impress me and I didn’t respond immediately (but I wasn’t interested) just messaged me that he expected my communication skills to be better for someone my age -_- I responded that he was negging and really I just wasn’t interested and didn’t realize I needed to explicitly break up with someone I had barely interacted with. And blocked him.


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