Phone Date Jitters

I redownloaded Tinder July 7 and deleted it less than a week later on July 12. I had it for a few weeks last fall, and a couple days when I was in NYC in June. I may or may not download it again down the line, we’ll see. For now, there are still a few guys I gave my number to, but I’ve been out of town since last Friday.

One guy I have yet to meet, but am fairly excited about is Suburbia. I try to avoid any guys that live in the suburbs. It’s a pain in the ass enough to date someone on the opposite side of the city, let alone outside of the city. It’s basically long distance. But he’s been super sweet and is extremely cute.

Although I haven’t met him yet, I wanted to write about him already because he is treading foreign territory; he called me last night and we talked on the phone for nearly 4 hours. Who does that anymore? I mean, even after I start dating someone, it’s rare that I talk to them on the phone outside of making plans.


When he originally asked to call a few nights ago, it was bad timing. But last night, when he asked, I agreed, he then told me he would call when he got home from his friend’s house. There it was, a phone date planned. Although it wasn’t a real date, I was nervous, probably more so than usual for an actual date. I felt like a giddy school girl waiting for her crush to call. I wasn’t sure what to expect because we’ve never met and although we’ve been texting the entire week, we still didn’t know much about one another.

Once he called me, my nerves were at ease. He was just as sweet over the phone as he’s been via text. Sometimes phone conversations are awkward and if neither person has anything to talk about, why keep talking? With Suburbia, this wasn’t the case. The conversation flowed naturally and I completely lost track of time. Even when it approached 2am, he told me I could go to sleep if I needed, but I declined and we kept talking for another hour. If it wasn’t 3am or if I didn’t need to wake up at 8am, I’m sure we could have kept talking.

With online dating, social media, and texting, is a long phone conversation an extinct art? I’m glad he wanted to talk on the phone. It was definitely a refreshing twist to online dating. I still have to meet him in person, hopefully he can live up to the high bar he has set for himself.

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus

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