Call Me!

I bartend part time, so I have had a great deal of guys hitting on me at work. Last night was surprisingly slow for a Friday, but probably because it was snowing crazy out. A woman walked in and bee lined straight to the end of the bar, away from everyone else. She was relieved to I was serving her because as she put it, “I’m so glad you’re a woman! The last thing I need right now is to deal with another guy today. Guys can be total creeps!”

I agreed with her saying “I’m sorry you’ve had a shitty day. Guys can totally suck, which is probably why I am taking a break from boys.”

We continued to chat about all the guys we’ve had to deal with. She’s a massage therapist so we both have had our share of creepers. She was telling me all about the guys that try to make a move on her while she’s massaging them and the guys that ask for her number. She said she even had to put a restraining order on a guy because he followed her after work to a bar then all the way home. As I was closing the bar up for the night, I closed out her tab, then she lingered for a moment. Usually that’s the point when the customer says thanks and leaves. She didn’t.

She asked, “Would you wanna come over to my place for drinks?”

I hesitated not knowing how to break it to her, “Ummmm…”

She added, “It’s been really great talking to you and I would love to get to know you.”

“I really can’t. I have to finish closing, then get home myself. It’s late and…”

Before I could finish telling her I wasn’t interested in women, she interrupted, “I hope you change your mind, I would totally make it worth your while. Call me!” She then slipped me a bar napkin with her number on it and walked out.


I couldn’t help but laugh about it. I threw out the napkin and didn’t follow up with her. Not that I wasn’t curious, but she was pretty drunk at that point, I doubt it would have been any good even if I did go over to her place. When you take a break from boys, somehow that translates to I’m now into women? Maybe I should have called her.

This incident led to something unexpected. A little backstory; there’s a guy named Shane that I used to date about a year and a half ago. We stayed in touch after we stopped seeing each other but it was minimal, that is, until we both started bartending. I became a bartender last May, then he got a bartending job in August. Now that we are both in the same industry, we have more in common than we did when we were dating, so we text pretty regularly now, mostly about the people we meet.

It has been a running competition for us to text when we get phone numbers. I have been killing it, but Shane hasn’t been doing too bad himself. When I got home last night, I texted him about the chick at the bar and added sarcastically at the end of the text, “Now that I’m taking a break from boys, women are flocking to me!”

We texted back and forth for a few responses, then he texted, “Can I call you?”

I replied, “Yes.”

Shane called, opening the conversation with, “Tell me more about this chick at the bar!”

I proceeded to tell him the entire story. We laughed and continued to talk for almost two hours. Even when we dated, we NEVER talked on the phone for that long. In fact, the only time we ever spoke on the phone was to call to see where the other person was when we were about to hang out. Why did he want to call me now? Is it because of the incident with the chick? Perhaps it was turning him on to imagine me with another woman. Or is it because I said I’m taking a break from boys? Maybe this posed as a missed chance with me or maybe me taking a break raises the bar for a challenge. I guess I will see if this continues…

This break has been interesting so far.

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus

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      1. It’s a great way to earn the most amount in the smallest time period so that’s kinda hard to beat when you’re a young gal about town! 🙂

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