I’m Taking a Break from Boys

What? You’re confused aren’t you? You came to my blog expecting a whole slew of stories about sex. Well, you are partially right, there will be stories about sex and boys and stuff, but that’s further down the line. First I will have to give you some background so you can fully understand my sex life and me.

At the moment, I am taking a break from boys. I have spent all my energy in boys since I’ve gone through puberty. I can’t remember the last time I was truly single post puberty. Since I was a teen, there has always been a guy in the picture. I’ve been in a few serious relationships with lots of casual flings between. There has never been a break, and it’s about time I take it. Now it’s time to focus on some much needed me time.

Recently, I spent way too much time dating. This is a premeditative break. I literally told my roommates that as soon as I was done with Sexy Six Pack Boy, I was quitting boys. Sexy Six Pack Boy is from Tinder (obviously), and he lasted longer than expected, but like most online dating, it fizzled out. I will tell you the full story later on… don’t worry; there will be steamy details.


Temporarily getting rid of boys will allow me to refocus my priorities and spend more time on my career, friendships, and just general life things that fell by the wayside. This break will also give me plenty of time to fill you in on key sexual life events from my curiosity as a young child, confusing prepubescent moments, adolescent experimentation, up to my current adult sexual activity. I will also sprinkle in some ideas & opinions & other stuff as I think about sex and it’s role in my life.

I’m a very sexual person. This break will be tough, but I think my toys will keep me occupied when I need some relief.

Wish me luck!


Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus


6 thoughts on “I’m Taking a Break from Boys

  1. I think being alone sometimes is good. It can help you refocus and see what you REALLY want out of a relationship! I bet your will gain some excellent clarity.

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